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Full List of Common Culture Culprits

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According to MIT Sloan's recent study, toxic work culture is the number-one reason people cite for leaving their jobs.

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Toxic Workplace Behaviors List

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  1. Poor Communication

  2. Poor Leadership

  3. Narcissistic Behavior by Those in Leadership Positions

  4. High Employee Turnover (alternatively, too low of an employee turnover)

  5. Burn Out

  6. Lack of Resources

  7. Uncertainty of Roles & Responsibilities

  8. Fear of Retribution

  9. Lack of Transparency

  10. Poor Work-Life Balance

  11. Troubling Behavior (substance abuse)

  12. Cliques & Exclusion

  13. Bias & Discrimination

  14. Sexual Harassment or Misogynistic Behaviors

  15. Culture of Cronyism

  16. Stifled Growth

  17. Unmotivated Employees (disengagement)

  18. Unclear Mission, Vision & Values (misalignment)

  19. Poor Recruiting Efforts

  20. Lack of TeamWork

  21. Lack of Responsibility & Accountability

  22. Poor Recognition

  23. Poor Policies  & Procedure

  24. Interpersonal Aggressiveness

  25. Workplace Gossip or Rumor-Mongering

  26. Bullying Behavior 

  27. Theft of Others' Ideas or Intellectual Property

  28. Sabotaging Others' Work

  29. Passivity and Disorganization in Leadership

  30. Refusal to engage or outright Ostracism

  31. Absenteeism

  32. Procrastination 

  33. Making Excuses

  34. Pessimism

  35. Excessive Mircormanagement


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