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uplift, encourage & inspire!


Celinda Wilson Consulting

I work to help people gain new perspectives & mindsets which affect their behavior.

What I do


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Hello, my name is Celinda Wilson, and I am a Workplace Culture Consultant. My educational background is in psychology, project management, and holistic health.

My diverse skill set and background have adequately prepared me for the role of workplace culture consultant. I've had over 20 years of experience in healthcare and six years of successfully educating, facilitating, advocating for, and managing diverse populations of adults in areas of interpersonal communication, teamwork, leadership, customer service, and patient care with stellar results and continuous recognition.


I developed a method for a holistic environment and have proven that doing so has created holistic environments where people feel safe, heard, motivated, and engaged. I have also created professional development opportunities for faculty and have been noted as having helped change others' perspectives and mindsets concerning workplace culture and its importance. I want to take this opportunity to provide my service to the rest of other businesses. 

What I Do:
I help businesses successfully transform their workplace culture, improving business practices and efficiency by: 

  •  Uplifting the company mindset encourages positivity & inspiring a change of heart.

  • We are educating companies on how to create a positive workplace culture effectively.

  • Serving as a liaison- improving communication between leaders and their employees. 

  • Learning about the benefits of healthy workplace culture and receiving personalized strategies to implement for continued positive growth.

Why You Should Work With Me:

  • I'm hardworking, reliable, dependable, and easy to work with. 

  • Transparency is at my core, and I work to ensure we are always on the same page. My goal is to create great solutions that make you happy. 

  • I'm a fast and avid lifelong learner with no qualms about challenges. I love solving social issues and problems, creating innovative and practical solutions that will work for years. 

Why You Should Work With Me

My Philosophy

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     Our well-being, just like workplace culture, is an essential aspect of our existence that is affected by many things. Surrounding yourself with people and environments conducive to positive health and growth is vital. The workplace is no exception. People deserve to work in places where they are safe and inspired and can reciprocate positive communication and treatment from their teams and employers. Where we work matters just as anything else. Create healthy workplaces for everyone to thrive in; it's well worth the investment. 



To uplift, encourage, and inspire positive transformation.


Be a recognized leader in improving the lives of others.


Transparency-  I always want to ensure that you and I are on the same page at every step. I believe that people have a right to feel safe and comfortable with their decisions and that what they have received is genuine and of value to them.

Care- It's essential to human life; Modeling care is necessary to help others to learn to do the same. 

Integrity- If you want to improve the integrity of others, you must also have the integrity to model from.








My Community Involvement

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Innovation Women 

Leading Ladies Toast Masters- Member

Instructional Design Professional Development Committee

RTC DEIC Committee- Member

Medical Assistant Advisory Board- Member

Creator and Facilitator in The Holistic Live Well Be Well Collective (70 members)

Creator and Facilitator in Intellects Connect (95 members)


Transparency, care, and effective communication are at the top of my list when working with anyone. I always want to ensure that you and I are on the same page every step of the way. I believe that people have a right to feel safe and comfortable with their decisions and that what they have received is genuine and of value to them. That's why I offer a transparent value-packed service guarantee. I stand by what I say and am confident in my skills, knowledge, and abilities to help bring solutions to some of your most challenging problems. If this sounds appealing to you and you'd like to know more, click the link below. Let's get started!

Celinda Wilson

Professional Reputation

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What People Say

"Celinda... motivates those around her to excel. She is timely, honest, capable, and personable. She brings a vibrant and magnetic personality to her work."

R. Guy Hudson MD- Medical Director @ Swedish Peds

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